New Cal Poly brand looks like a bang and sickle — and it’s cartoon all kinds of snark

See how Cal Poly’s brand has changed through the years. Cal Poly San Luis Obispo unveiled a new educational look after on April 30, 2019. Some say it resembles a Soviet bang and sickle. here’s how the emblem has advanced over the final aeon. with the aid of

× Cal Poly San Luis Obispo unveiled a brand new educational guard on April 30, 2019. Some say it resembles a Soviet bang and sickle. right here’s how the logo has developed over the last aeon. via

Say it ain’t so, assembly.

A architecture factor on Cal Poly’s revamped educational shelter is paying homage to the Soviet abutment’s hammer and sickle?

And no one at Cal Poly recognized that?

curiously not, because the shelter turned into proudly unveiled this week as a part of a $340,000 rebranding crusade that goals, among other desires, to accomplish the tuition’s emblem greater digital-gracious, so it’s going to study more advantageous on cell phones and different contraptions.

The pared-bottomward version of the logo prominently aspects a writing quill to symbolize learning and a bang to symbolize accomplishing.

A abate edition of that identical architecture turned into covered on the historical look after.

but on the new one, it jumps out in a means that conjures up an image of the historic communist emblem.

And it’s now not simply us announcing that. logo haters have been laying down loads of snark on social media.

One Tribune facebook reader posted a GIF of a acclamation Vladimir Putin.

an extra shared the Russian country wide anthem together with this remark: “quality brand to adhere with the left-wing beliefs of the aggregate! I imply a new Cal Poly school track to admire!”

Yet a further left this comment on the fb web page of KVEC radio host Dave Congalton: “looks suspiciously like a hammer and sickle. LOL. What can be further from the fact about Poly?”

And this, from the Mustang news facebook page: “What’s next?! boot just like the pink army on commencement?”

We could provide more examples, but you get the point. this is a fairly commonplace belly response — even though not the just one.

there have been a couple of other alternative interpretations, together with this: “A denticulate bowie knife and a Thor bang. I dig it!!”

Others compared the preserve to a Boy scout badge.

including to the problem, the different foremost design point on the safeguard — the photo of the solar setting behind bishop height — has taken hits, too.

“appropriate half jogs my memory of the flag of imperial adorn, apple warfare II,” posted one reader.

students have even started circulating a “stop the Cal Poly Rebranding” address on exchange that had more than 5,000 signatures as of Thursday night.

no longer each person hates the emblem — it’s gotten a scattering of online “loves” and “brand” — but the usual consensus is Cal Poly overpaid for something that really didn’t need to be changed within the aboriginal region.

That’s harsh. We don’t begrudge Cal Poly’s try to keep its branding relevant in the twenty first aeon notwithstanding we do ask yourself why it caught with a medieval element like a autograph quill.

additionally, SimpsonScarborough, the advertising and marketing firm called for the rebranding crusade, is accomplishing a wide range of labor for Cal Poly. The logo didn’t eat up the whole $340,000.

however here’s what bothers us: The company’s been conducting extensive research that’s blanketed focal point companies, interviews, surveys and artistic testing.

Didn’t anyone article to the guard adumbration or at least suggest changing the hammer with a shovel, or a adjustment torch or a hardhat?

and might we talk a bit about what’s lacking from the new logo?

To abridge the design, lots of the aspects that adumbrated Cal Poly’s strengths have been deleted. Out went the atom! The sheaf of wheat! The lamp of researching! those and zeros that have been a nod to the computer age!

but all is not misplaced.

the new architecture does vicinity more emphasis on Cal Poly’s “study by way of doing” adage, which now gets desirable announcement and is in English, instead of Latin.

And for students concerned that a socialist-trend emblem will finish up on their diplomas, relax. The respectable seal of Cal Poly — as opposed to the much less formal defend — isn’t altering. You’ll still get that sheaf of wheat, those and zeros, and the Latin wording.

nevertheless, someone should have flagged this peculiar imagery on the new safeguard.

Cal Poly should still accept just talked about “nyet.”

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